Annual General Meeting | Nautical Institute Cyprus

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) was conducted on 27 May 2021 through an online meeting due to the pandemic.

The following Members of the Committee were present at the AGM. The Secretary was satisfied that the AGM was duly called; there was a required quorum.

Yvonne TsanosChairwoman
Capt. V. S. ParaniVice Chair
Natalie GeorgiouHon. Secretary
Capt. Graham CowlingHon.Treasurer
Committee Members
Capt. Martin Bankov
Capt. Michael Quain
Capt. Zbig Wenda
Capt. Andreas Michael
Mazen Barhoun
Capt. Kyriacos Orros
Capt. Neil G. Hawkes
Capt. Vassilios Soteriou(elected to the committee)
Bridget HoganGuest Speaker

The proceedings commenced with a welcome address by the Chair.
Bridget Hogan (BH), the Head of Information and Publishing and a Director at the Nautical Institute, London, delivered a short presentation on the Nautical Institute’s 5-year strategic plan.
The agenda of the AGM was as below:

  • Minutes of the last AGM held on 14 July 2020: The minutes were approved by all members present at this meeting
  • Branch membership and committee: Confirmation of committee members and changes. Two new members joined during the period from July 2020 to May 2021.
  • Capt. Martin Bankov (MB) handed over the role of Hon. Treasurer to Capt. Graham Cowling. The Chairwoman presented a vote of thanks and a memento to MB for his contribution to the branch.
  • Branch Activities: Despite Covid 19 restrictions, the Cyprus branch organised several successful virtual events and webinars with reputable and high-profile guest speakers. Ideas for future events were discussed. The NI Cyprus branch would continue its outreach program to engage with maritime industry stakeholders on the island and elsewhere.
  • Branch Finances: The branch financial report was unanimously accepted by a show of hands.