ISM 2021 Cyber Security Management | Nautical Institute Cyprus

ISM 2021 Cyber Security Management

The Branch organized esteemed speakers on this important subject sharing details of procedural, certification & technical opinions after the imposed IMO deadline!: Capt. Michael Quain FNI, Mr. Jason Stephanatos M.Sc. Business Development Manager – Senior Engineer, Region South East Europe and MEA, DNVGL Maritime, Markus Schmitz, Managing Director, SOFTimpact. Whilst the deadline for the IMO amendments had already passed, the speakers highlighted how some shipping companies were perhaps still underprepared with respect to cyber risk management as appeared from the range of online questions posed by participants and highlighting from the world’s disruption within the maritime industry to ensure risk is mitigated, vulnerabilities identified to the ever increasing cyber-attacks in the maritime sector as the digitalization process is exacerbated in consequence of the Pandemic as well as onboard and shore based competencies and training.  Please see attached photo and here’s the link to the YouTube recording to upload too.