“Loss of Sanchi” webinar. | Nautical Institute Cyprus

“Loss of Sanchi” webinar.

A presentation delivered by Capt. Michael Quain, FNI. Capt. Kuba Szymanski representing NI HQ, built upon the first presentation to talk about “Criminal  Liability” and the criminal liability cover available to the NI member, free of charge. Many participants, including current NI members found this information useful as they were not fully aware of it earlier. This online event received a large audience not only from local participants but also overseas.  That the presentations were well received was evident from the vibrant Q&A that ensued.  It was deemed a success considering that it was the NI Cyprus Branch first online event using Gotomeeting.   Please see attached photos to be uploaded together with this YouTube link of the webinar recording please as well as including the affirmation from a participant to accompany this text…https://youtu.be/-FqXznX3sus