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Tackling Piracy A Critical Situation

Nautical Institute Cyprus Branch Webinar 9 March 2021 – Tackling Piracy – YouTube International, European and National Maritime Bodies and a Global Leading Operator met online with Nautical Institute, Cyprus Branch to discuss their positions on the critical situation of increasing Maritime Piracy and Armed Robberies – actions are taken or to be taken! We heard from the experts who shared their insights, views and even experiences of a situation most likely exacerbated by the ongoing Pandemic! Esteemed speakers were The Deputy Minister of Shipping to the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Vassilios Demetriades; John Stawpert is the Manager (Environment and Trade) at the International Chamber of Shipping; Martin Dorsman

Secretary General of the European Community Shipowners’ Association; Mr. Prabhat Jha, is the Group Managing Director, MSC Shipmanagement Limited, Cyprus.   During the webinar, it was determined that despite increased piracy activity, the Gulf of Guinea appears to remain the most dangerous maritime zone with all eyes even on the Gulf of Mexico. Over 40% of all pirate attacks and attempted attacks occur in the waters of West Africa, and continue to be more violent than other regions and nearly all crew abductions recorded globally occur in the greater Gulf of Guinea. At least 130 crew members were taken hostage by West African pirates in 2020, nearly double from just two years before, and seafarer kidnappings do not appear to be slowing so far in 2021.   The industries keyworkers “the seafarer” continue to experience long overdue repatriation, they are, fatigued, mentally and physically stressed and certainly one cannot imagine experiencing a piracy incident on top.

It was the general consensus to aid in the de-escalation of the situation, international cooperation on the matter and harmonization of maritime laws is essential. Coastal states working in close partnership with each other, with the IMO and other maritime bodies.  The sharing of information can only increase law enforcement capabilities and without that, Piracy potentially continuing to thrive, god forbid, turning areas such as the Gulf of Guinea into a no-go zone. (By Yvonne Tsanos (AFNI)).

“Working together we can achieve great results!”